Creative Writing w/ ABBY WASSERMAN

For all writers. The process is supportive and not academic. Our goal is to elicit strong, beautiful, honest writing through encouragement, feedback, and practice.


Saturday Perception Workshop

Continuing a 35-year-old tradition, the new Saturday Workshop will hold the space to explore one's creativity and take artistic risks in a safe environment.


Poetry with Cruwys via Zoom

Join with OHCA resident poet Cruwys Brown and 2010-2012 Poet Laureate of Marin County, CB Follett for an afternoon of poetry exploration, reading and discussion.


Monoprinting w/ CANDIS COUSINS

Monoprinting is a playful, exploratory process requiring neither a press nor a background in art. On a plate of gel or plexiglass, images are made with paint, rollers, sponges, netting, leaves or anything else which might create an interesting pattern. The focus is not upon the finished work, but upon the experience of discovery and making art.

Drawing for Teens w/ LAUREL SHEAR

Each class will start with a warmup, and then focus on translating three dimensional objects to a two-dimensional surface

Artful Jazz Melodies w/ Deborah Winters and John Hoy

Come, enjoy and experience the free flowing form of artful jazz intertwined with beautiful guitar and vocal melodies Don’t miss out as this will surely be an extraordinary moment in […]