Welcome to our 2024 Artist in Residence

Zoe Caron

Zoe Caron, 2024 Artist in Residence

Zoe Caron

Artist and Biologist

Zoe will work at the Center for the month of August!

She will be at the Aug 10 Member Social to meet and greet the members.

“My artwork is a celebration of all things living. Growing up in a home with my biologist parents provided the fertile ground in which to cultivate my curiosity and appreciation for the beauty, uniqueness, and diversity of life on earth. Working primarily with pen and ink, pencil, watercolor, and digital media, I illustrate highly detailed organisms. Crisp lines, natural patterns and shapes, overlaid on backdrops of intense abstractions, express the flow and energy of our natural environment. I hope that viewers of my work will experience some of the same childlike sense of wonder for nature that inspires me.”
instagram @zoecaron_art
website: caronart.org

Cascade Canyon Artist in Residence Program

at O'Hanlon Center for the Arts

Thanks to all who applied for the Summer 2024 Residency!

The Artist-in-Residence application opens early in the year for the following Summer. For updates, subscribe to our Newsletter, or follow OHCA on Facebook or Instagram.


Artists in Residence at O'Hanlon Center for the Arts


Luba Zygarewicz & Ben Allanoff

Luba Zygarewicz

“Thanks for the support and for hosting me last summer! With gratitude for the time to experiment and explore!”

– Luba Zygarewicz

Ben Allanoff

“I want to thank you and the rest of OHCA for..

– great dinner/evening/studio visit:
– inviting me here and taking great care of me;
– good humor, artistic connection, friendship.

Of course Marin is amazing – being able to connect with the place and make art here, from my temporary home at O’Hanlon, is the greatest gift. I feel like we are all doing the same thing, each in our own unique way. Very special – your (our) particular approach to creativity.“

– Ben Allanoff


Allison Spreadborough & Jacqueline Mallengi

Jacqueline Mallengi 

I began making Asian style paper with kozo fiber in 1987. My journey with paper and sculpture has been varied from light fixtures to stone carving to ethereal mixed media sculpture. The thread of my creative process always begins with papermaking. I’m excited about the new Chrysalis series that feels like a merging of many techniques developed over the years bringing various voices together. I refer to as contemplative sculpture.

Jacqueline is a member of IAPMA, International Association of Papermakers and Paper Artists, NM State Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts and Surface Design. She is an exhibiting artist and teaches papermaking and fiber art workshops in various locations, and from her Santa Fe studio via Zoom.

Allison Spreadborough

My name is Allison Spreadborough. I’m a watercolor artist and Sacramento native. Plein air painting is my passion as is painting intuitively from a nature-inspired prompt. I mainly create landscapes to express my fascination with the ability of nature to quiet the mind and invoke a sense of wonder. I love painting scenes depicting deep space and I appreciate places unspoiled by modern influences.

I typically paint in a style which I call Dreamy Expressionism meets California Regionalism. The Dreamy Expressionism description showcases a soft wistfulness and wonder depicting my inner awareness. California Regionalism celebrates a loose and abstracted blend of East and West influences such as brush calligraphy, simplicity, bold color and symbolism. Later, in the studio, I problem-solve the painting in an overhead mirror to critique any issues. Although this watercolor technique is unpredictable, the creative process feels freeing.