Abstract: Energy & Color w/ PELLER MARION

We will provide a supportive artistic experience that allows you to explore art materials and create colorful, abstract work while getting back into the art processes you love.

The Way of Wabi Sabi w/ NAOMI KUBOTA LEE

Welcome to the world of the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi. We will create insightful pieces of wabi sabi art, as we loose ourselves in the philosophy of seeing the Perfection in the Imperfection.

Monoprinting w/ CANDIS COUSINS

Monoprinting is a playful, exploratory process requiring neither a press nor a background in art. On a plate of gel or plexiglass, images are made with paint, rollers, sponges, netting, leaves or anything else which might create an interesting pattern. The focus is not upon the finished work, but upon the experience of discovery and making art.

Tuesday Perception Workshop

One of the core principles Ann O’Hanlon stressed was learning how to see. 
For over 35 years Saturdays were a time to put that into practice. To experiment and discover.

O’Hanlon Photo Forum

Photo Forum is dedicated to exploring the world and stimulating each other to create more imaginative photographs.

The Writer’s Eye: Seeing through a different lens w/ CATHERINE FLAXMAN

The Wabi-Sabi approach encourages us to slow down, open to imperfection, embrace the constancy of change, and become more attuned to the beauty and the sweep of Nature. These principles are shared by the perspectives and teachings of mindfulness meditation.

Wabi-Sabi Ink Painting w/ SHERRIE LOVLER

Allow your hand and imagination free play as you work with ink and watercolor on paper to create abstract paintings in this East meets West workshop