Image (detail): Randy Gaul

O’Hanlon Center’s first digital-art-only exhibition
juried by Dylan Cole and Randy Gaul 
with words by Jenny Jedeikin

November 8 to December 31, 2022

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Recording of Artist Roundtable on Zoom

 Please don’t assume I have arrived at this station in life

With an increased appetite for the afterlife 

For we can only be splintered by our beliefs

And employed by our forgiveness

I wander amongst unseen and pre-imagined potholes

Conjuring vibrantly illuminated dreams

Tempting us to follow directions: Step 1: embrace/ignore misery

Step 2: Tap yourself into jubilation, or at least oblivion

Step 3: Witness the tapestry of mastery and illusion

Made tender by my capacity for salvation

Where earth’s Rieslings are always in season

Notwithstanding the occasional flood of emotion

Setting a new world order for all

To behold: the joys of human sweetness

Wrapped in sorrow and loss

Many thanks to Dylan Cole and Randy Gaul for their time and selections



Dylan Cole

Dylan Cole is a production designer working in the entertainment industry. Since graduating from UCLA in 2001, he has contributed art to over 60 films. Notable credits include Senior Matte Painter on Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Concept Art Director on Avatar, and Production Designer for Maleficent.

Currently, Dylan is co-production designer on the four Avatar sequels.

The Southern California native grew up drawing spaceships and alien worlds and this passion led to the creation of his first book, The Otherworldly Adventures of Tyler Washburn. Dylan enjoys teaching workshops at various events and schools around the world and has a line of instructional DVDs from the Gnomon Workshop.


Randy Gaul

Randy Gaul is an artist working in the entertainment industry. Since graduating from Pratt Institute, he has contributed art to over 100 films.  Notable positions include Creative Director at Luminous Blue Ltd, an original IP studio. He has been a concept artist, visual development artist and matte painter on War of the Worlds, Signs, Gangs of New York, Despicable Me, Rio, Alice in Wonderland, Space Jam 2, Trolls and many others.Currently, Randy is pitching original content at several major studios.

The Pittsburgh born artist grew up drawing characters and imaginative worlds which led to an ongoing career in film, games, books, VR and more. Randy enjoys mentoring young artists about how to navigate the challenges of providing services to studios while maintaining your own inner creative passions. 

Jenny Jedeikin

Jenny is a Bay Area-based writer and artist whose writing has appeared in Rolling Stone, SF Chronicle, SF/Arts Magazine.

Her selfie-comic strip can be found on Substack at Just Living Jenny.



ERMA MURPHY – Executive Director





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Suzanne Berger
Vancouver, British Columbia

Anthony Biggs
Chestnut Ridge, NY

Bernadette Blanchard
Half Moon Bay, CA

Michael Brunsfeld
San Rafael, CA

Kathryn Curtis
Zelienople, PA

John Diephouse
Lansing, MI

Rudy Ellis
Ardmore, OK

Lucia Enriquez
Anacortes, WA

Donna Faranda
Lagrangeville, NY

Licita Fernandez
Sausalito, CA

Ana Gadish-Linares
Richmond, CA

John Gallagher
Chapel Hill, NC

Charles Galvin
Novato, CA

Darcy Gerbarg

Mike Goldberg
Larkspur, CA

Carole Goodwin
Denver, CO

Gabriele Gracine
Thornton, CO

Susan Brandt Graham
Albuquerque, NM

William Groshelle
Louisville, KY

Allen Hirsh
Chevy Chase, MD

Karen Hochman Brown
Altadena, CA

David Hylton
Pomona, CA

Clayton John
Berrima, NSW, Australia

Ted Larson
Kingsport, TN

Elena Lipkowski
Austin, TX

Ashley Lohr
Petersburg, AK

Marcia Meyers
Novato, CA

Richard Moninski
Mineral Point, WI

Leonardo Nino
Eagle, ID

Onesimus Nuernberger
Los Angeles, CA

Ken Overman
Portland, OR

Barbara Redondo
Miami, FL

Zachary Sackstein
Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Eric Sanders
Manhattan Beach, CA

Adam Strange
London, Ontario

Saral Surakul
Athens, GA

Marc Toscano
Los Angeles, CA

Thomas Twitmyer
Tampa, FL

Michael Usher
El Segundo, CA

Vaidis Valaitis
San Rafael, CA

Stephanie Vlahov
San Jose, CA

Nancee Ward
Akron, IN

Elizabeth Wood
West Vancouver, British Columbia

David Zeiset
Santa Fe, NM