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O’Hanlon Center for the Arts Gallery, November 2019

Entry Dates:  Friday Oct 25 11m – 4pm or Saturday Oct 26, 2019  11am – 1pm  (by-hand)

Exhibition Dates:   October 31 – November 21, 2019

Jurors:                       Cayen Robertson & Kris Gordon

Entry Fee: $30 OHCA members, $40 non-members, for up to three pieces.  Become a new OHCA member at the time of delivery and get your entry fee waived!  Call or Click here for more details on membership.

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O’Hanlon Center for the Arts invites you to submit recent works* for a special exhibit inspired by Ann O’Hanlon’s sensibilities & aesthetic, as we complete our 50th Anniversary year. 

*All works should have been created within the past six months.

For inspiration, we encourage viewing “according to ann…[re-imagined]” which is available as a free PDF download at:
Printed copies may be purchased on or from the OHCA Office.

Some of the elements the jurors will be considering through the lens of Ann O’Hanlon’s perspective include:

  • Is the work EXPLORATORY?
  • Has the artist taken RISKS?
  • Does the art EVOKE?
  • Are all parts loved and attended to?… “a work of art is only as good as its tiniest part.”
  • “Energies take precedence over design.”
  • “Humbleness and innocence are just as valuable as precision and accuracy.”

Regarding Presentation:

Framing should be kept to a minimum, avoiding glass if possible. Unframed works may be hung with special pins or magnets, provided by artist.

A few thoughts on presentation:

Framing: The frame establishes the play of one place against the other.  If tension is established in the painting, the frame is unnecessary.

Glass: The reflective property of glass interferes with the eye’s ability to see the work un-compromised. 

Contemporary, expressionistic, abstract, exploratory, and/or experimental entries encouraged.

O’Hanlon Center for the Arts emphasizes the creative process and the continued pursuit of meaning and authenticity through observation, exploration, and experimentation.

MEDIA: All Media, including 3D/Sculptural works. See Description above for more details.

  • Open to all artists age 16 and over.
  • Submission limit: 3 works per artist. 
  • Works previously displayed in the O’Hanlon Gallery are not eligible.


  • All work must be ready for display. Paint, glue, etc. must be dry!
  • Wall hung pieces must be prepared for hanging, with all necessary hardware.
  • Label all work with Artist’s name & Contact information.
  • Bring resume and/or artist statement, if desired. (2 pages max.)


On Entry Dates shown below… please hand-deliver up to three pieces of work to:
O’Hanlon Center for the Arts • 616 Throckmorton Avenue, Mill Valley CA 94941

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TIMELINE Day Date Time
Entry Dates (in-person): Friday


Oct 25

Oct 26

11 am – 4 pm

11 am – 1 pm

   Artist Notification (by email) Tuesday Oct 29 (by 5 pm)
   Art pickup: Non-selected works Thursday



Oct 31

Nov 1

Nov 5

1 – 3 pm

11 am – 4 pm

5:30 – 7:30 pm

Exhibition OPENS Thursday Oct 31
    Artist Roundtable Discussion
    Opening (First Tues) Reception
Tuesday Nov 5 4 – 5:30 pm
5:30 – 7:30 pm
Exhibition CLOSES Thursday Nov 21
   Art Pickup: Unsold works Friday


Nov 22
Nov 23
11 am – 4 pm

11 am – 1 pm

Please note Entry Dates/Times carefully. Late delivery of artwork is not possible.

Gallery Policies/Requirements include:

  • For most exhibits, not all artists will have artwork selected for showing.Final artwork selections are up to the Exhibit Juror(s) and/or Installer/curator, both of which vary from show to show.
  • Accepted work must remain on view for the duration of the exhibition.
  • Artists agree to make a 30% tax-deductible donation to OHCA from all sales.
  • While all reasonable care is taken with submitted artwork, OHCA strongly recommends that exhibiting artists carry their own insurance. OHCA and representatives will not assume any liability for any damage or loss.
  • By submitting work, artists agree that photographic images and/or video of the artist and/or their artwork, in whole or in part, may be used by OHCA for publicity in various forms including print, online and social media.

About the Jurors:   Cayen Robertson & Kris Gordon

Cayen is an active and exhibiting artist. She recently retired after 35 years facilitating the O’Hanlon Saturday Perception Workshop.


“For me, making art is an instinctive process.  I feel music in the work, specifically, the sounds of free form improvisation. It’s a bit like improvising with the materials as my instrument. I choose the materials and begin a dialogue. I delight in the mysterious unfolding of the images developing in front of me in the moment. It is vital to me that all the elements have a voice.  

“I am fascinated by the balance between chaos and order; exploring this tension until the work becomes alive.  I live on the edge between form and formlessness.  Movement both linear and spacial is another part of the process. I am acutely aware of what is happening but make no corrections. Only in spending time with the work later do I learn what it’s about, what  it “needs” etc. 

“I love the process of making art; it is a necessary part of my life.
I want to make work which is honest and beautiful.”


Kris is a long-time member of O’Hanlon Center for the Arts. She is an exhibiting artist, gallery installer, workshop facilitator and member of the Exhibition Committee.

In 1972 I met Ann and Dick O’Hanlon. I was doing sculpture at the time. I talked with Dick and we roasted hot dogs in his forge. Very soon I joined Ann’s workshops. I knew both until their deaths. 

“I went with Ann to their cabin in Tahoe and to the workshops in Yosemite. I started teaching with Ann when CLIR workshops were going on. Later I taught classes through College of Marin at the center. I taught printing on the press for a while and a number of weeklong workshops for teachers and others. 

“I have been painting since 1973. Ann gave me another way to see art. A wonderful gift. I have met the most wonderful people through O’Hanlon center, interesting and gifted. I feel most thankful for all these years at the center.”


Postcard Image: Cayen Robertson; Design: Jeremy Thornton

Questions?  Contact O’Hanlon Staff at 415.388.4331 or

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