Aia Bower


Juried by Jen Tough

Poetry: Cruwys Brown

May 17–July 2, 2021


Artist Roundtable
Discussion on Zoom

with Cruwys Brown:

Tuesday, May 18, 2021, 4 p.m. (PT)

You can watch the recording of the artist’s roundtable here 

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1.    You asked me to do it in the hue called blue

2.    A color considered trustworthy, harmonious and cool

3.    Who wouldn’t first think Die Grossen Blauen Pferde, Large Blue Horses by Franz Marc?

4.    Ancient Egyptians concocted a hot brew of lime and copper to make the first blue

5.    Without the word for blue, Homer called the sea wine-red

6.    Ultramarine – beyond the sea

7.    Blue paint was only for Mary and royalty

8.    Artists ground and ground their precious Lapis Lazuli,

9.    a blue too expensive for Michelangelo, a cause of financial debt for Vermeer

10.    China held the secret with cobalt on their porcelain,

11.    then a leafy little plant in Japan gave birth to indigo

12.    a sharecropper’s color and the birth of the blues

I never felt more like singing its hues

Many thanks to our juror, Jen Tough



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