Show postcard image: “Tempest” by Chester Arnold


Juried by Chester Arnold

Poetry: Susan Terris

Opening November 16, 2020

Artist Roundtable Discussion on Zoom
with Cruwys Brown:
Tuesday, Novem
ber 17, 4 p.m. (PT)

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2020 has been one of existential threat and uncertainty. We are in the middle of political polarization, racial reckonings and climate catastrophes. A critical election mixed with isolation, pandemic and economic instability are reasonable cause for panic.

Sometimes being out of ones’ depth and going to places you have never been before, especially if not by choice, can motive new action and create new imaginings and possibilities.

Welcome this New World Order and roiling figures
with sandpaper voices urgent and angry.

Maybe this trio only exists as shadows on a scrim.
But no freedom. Someone keeps pulling their strings.

Hold me close. Here, now. Tell me eucalyptus leaves
are beneath our feet. Tell me this isn’t the End of Times.

In a Louise Nevelson dream, a crow and random pieces
cobbled together—well-lit yet mostly inked with black.

Interlude. Pause. Late afternoon and the sun’s turned
windows to the sea into spangled mirrors of light.

You, the Maypole girls, dancing amid angry faces, amid
chaos of rock, wood and web. Run for your lives!

Danger all around. The knife. The threats. No safety.
We are going nowhere, and this is our own eternity.

What does it mean to be truly lost? It’s dark on land
and sea. Where is the map? Will we ever get home?

There’s fire on the mountain and on flatland below.
Hot tongues of flame may lick our worlds to ash.

Instead of consolation, a sea-storm is coming, a blow
to Liberty, and we must struggle to save ourselves.

As if in a Del Toro film, will flowing water quench
our thirst or will it drown us? Let us believe in hope.

Sincere gratitude to Chester Arnold for his discerning eye



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