Most of our Exhibits require by-hand submission of artwork. Please see the Call for Entries page for current requirements.

Please contact our Office with any questions!



Gallery FAQs

These are our most frequently-asked-questions about submitting to our Gallery exhibits. Although information is current when published, specific policies may change over time. Please view any exhibit's Call for Entries for specific details, or ask us a question if you don't see your answer here!

Do I need to be a member of O’Hanlon to submit artwork?

No! We encourage any interested artist to submit work to our shows. We welcome you to become a Member at any point, but Membership is only required for our Annual Members’ Exhibit.

If you join as a Member when submitting work for a Gallery show, we will waive your Submission fee for that show. (First time joining, only… does not currently apply to renewals.) Individual membership starts at $95/annually.

What kind of artists do you show?

No experience is required. Most of our exhibits are juried ‘blind’ so the Juror is viewing the work itself, without regard to artist name or reputation.

We love that our shows usually include a good mix of all experience levels, from experienced professional artists to people who might self-define as ‘recovering from bad junior high art classes!’

How long do the exhibits run?

Most Exhibits run for a total of either 21 or 28 days, which varies from month-to-month.

Shows usually open for viewing the Thursday PRIOR to the Opening Reception, which is normally held on the First Tuesday of the Month. (As part of the Mill Valley First Tuesday Artwalk.)

Who juries your exhibitions?

Jurors are usually Gallery owners or noted Artists with some experience in jurying shows. Some shows are curated by members of the Exhibition Committee, including the Annual Members’ Show.

Jurors are selected by the Staff, in consultation with the O’Hanlon Exhibition Committee.

Is there a size limit for art?

We do not currently have a size limit. The Gallery walls are quite high.

However, we strongly encourage you to not submit more than one “extra-large” piece per/show. (i.e. over 60” in any dimension.) Jurors will rarely accept more than one very large piece from a single artist, and we have very limited storage space.

Even though a Juror may respond positively to a very large piece, they sometimes like to have the option to select a smaller work from the same artist, to enable the inclusion of more work/more artists in a given show.

If you submit a large canvas, we request that you be diligent in picking it up during stated pickup hours, due to limited storage area.

How many pieces can I submit?

For most shows, the maximum is 3 pieces.

See the Call for Entries for any variations.

How is a diptych or triptych counted?

They are counted as ONE entry.

However, we prefer that artists do not submit more than one ‘set’ per show. So, you may submit one Diptych or Triptych, plus 1 or 2 other individual pieces.

Diptychs/triptychs will not be split up, they will only be considered a “whole piece."

Does artwork have to be for sale?

No. While most pieces submitted are priced for sale, it is not a requirement. You may mark a piece as NFS (Not For Sale) or POR (Price on Request.)  

When artwork does sell, the artist agrees to contribute 30% of sale price to OHCA, which is tax-deductible.

Payments are made directly to the Artist from the Buyer, usually by check.

Staff will facilitate any sales and payments to artist, although the artist is the Seller of Record.

Does artwork need to be framed?

Artwork does not need to be Framed.

It must be ‘ready for display’ and ‘ready for hanging’ if it is to be wall-hung. 

What kind of hanging hardware is acceptable?

All wall-hung art should be wired for easy hanging.

Other types of hooks on the back of frames are very difficult to install and level properly. Our installers have to hang 40-60 pieces of work in a few hours. If you’re in doubt about proper hardware, please ask a Staff member.

Note: the most challenging kind of hook is a combination of two ‘saw-tooth’ hooks on both sides of the frame. Those are very difficult to hang properly, and will not be accepted.

Submission fee - is it per piece?

The submission fee is the same for ‘up to 3 pieces.’ i.e. the same fee for submitting one, two, or three pieces.

(See the specific Call for Entry for any variations. Member-only Shows may have a different limit.)

How do I label my artwork?

Submitted artwork should be labeled on an unseen side prior to delivery; that label will stay on the piece. At minimum, it should include Artist Name, Title, and Price (if for sale.) It can also include medium, dimensions, etc. We don’t remove or display those labels. 

You will also fill out our Artwork Submission Form when you deliver your work, which will include all needed information for each piece. You’ll attach a copy of that form to each piece of artwork temporarily. This form is our official record from which we create the show Program, after the show is installed.

Why don’t you accept online submissions for every show?

We keep it pretty ‘old-school’ here at O’Hanlon for many reasons!

Many of our Jurors especially appreciate being able to view the actual artwork itself, rather than 2D images of varying quality, which may or may not fully represent the ‘spirit of the work.'
Our current schedule requires us to install Exhibitions immediately after they have been Juried, usually the very next day.

We like to have the personal touch in all of our interactions with artists. It’s not just a ‘transaction’ accomplished by a few clicks online.

By-hand submission often allows us to install more artwork/show, due to having the actual framed artworks in hand when installation is planned.

We consider ourselves a Regional Art Center… so prefer that work comes from the immediate surrounding areas.

We DO accept online submissions once or twice/year, including the Bay Area Women Artists Exhibit, which is juried by experienced Gallery owners who are very accustomed to selecting work from photos. We sometimes have online submissions for other select shows, which vary from year to year.

This topic is an ongoing discussion with our Exhibition Committee… so we reserve the right to amend our process at some point!

How many entries do you receive?

The number of entries varies from show to show, but most exhibits receive entries from 30 to 70 artists. The average is about 60 artists. (Who each submit between 1 and 3 pieces.)

The Annual “Bay Area Women Artists” show has traditionally been the most popular, receiving entries from up to 130 artists in recent years.

How many artworks are displayed in each exhibit? 

Most exhibits in the O’Hanlon Gallery have 35-50 pieces shown. The Annual Members’ Show usually has more, and extends into our 2nd Gallery in the Loft.

The final installation is up to the curator/installer, based on the pieces selected by the exhibit's juror.

Do you offer prizes or awards?

We do not currently offer prizes.

The philosophy and mission of O’Hanlon Center fosters a non-competitive experience of creating and experiencing art, as a way of nurturing individual creativity. 

While most of our exhibits have a Juror who selects the work, we suggest that having artwork selected (or not) for a particular exhibit not be considered a value judgement of any kind. Most Jurors are expressing their preference in the moment of viewing, and some adhere tightly to the selected exhibit theme, while others do not.

I have a different question...?

Our Staff Directors are happy to answer your questions by phone or email!

Please view our Contact page and send us a message.