This Show is different than our other Gallery Shows.

It is our End of the Year Fundraiser and does benefit exhibition artists as well!

Changes for this show only:

    • Only 2 works can be submitted
    • 4 total submission days, including one evening
    • All works must be for sale and all offered by silent auction for duration of show
    • New size restriction
    • Submission fee is reduced: $25 or $20 for OHCA members


First Altered Book and Book Art Show and Auction

Benefitting O’Hanlon Center for the Arts & Juried Artists

O’Hanlon Center for the Arts
In-Person Gallery Show

juried by Donna Seager and Gary Kell

Exhibit dates: November 1 – December 9, 2023

Opening Reception and Artist Roundtable
Tuesday, November 7
• Art talk 4:00 pm
• Reception 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Closing Party
Saturday, December 9
6:00 to 9:00 pm.
• Live auction of select works chosen by Jurors.
• Close of Silent Auction.

Selected pieces will be sold through silent auction. Several works will be live auctioned at the closing party on December 9th.


O’Hanlon Center for the Arts invites you to submit work for our first Biennial Altered Book and Book Art Show.

Note that this show is different from our other gallery shows:


• Only 2 works can be submitted
• 4 total submission days
• All works must be for sale and all offered by silent auction for duration of show.
• New size restriction
• Submission fee is reduced


This is a fundraiser for the Center, but sales also benefit the artists! All works will have a minimum starting bid of $50. First $50 goes to OHCA. All income above the starting bid is split 50/50 with the artist.

We are accepting 2 types of Book Art:

Altered Books are books transformed or altered by the sculptural act of the artist, who uses subtractive or additive techniques — such as carving, sanding away, cutting, pasting, or painting over — to modify a book’s appearance and meaning.

There are many forms an altered book can take limited only to ones imagination, such as black out poetry, collages, and sculptures. Sculptures in specific can be created by folding, cutting, gluing, sewing, or otherwise changing the physical structure and properties of the book.

Book Art: The artist can create a hand made book that stands as a work of art – Such as a Leporelo or handmade folding book with original art.

If you have never experimented with this, give it a try!

For inspiration visit:




All Media, including 3D/Sculptural works

  • Open to all artists aged 16 and over.
  • Submission limit: 2 works per artist.
  • Works previously displayed in the O’Hanlon Gallery are not eligible.


  • All work must be ready for display. Paint, glue, etc. must be dry!
  • Max size for wall pieces: 30” wide by 60″ tall
  • Wall hung pieces must be securely wired.
  • Label all work with Artist’s name & Contact 
  • Bring resume and/or artist statement, if desired. (2 pages max.)


Please hand-deliver (no digital submissions) up to two pieces of work to:
O’Hanlon Center for the Arts • 616 Throckmorton Avenue, Mill Valley CA 94941

You will fill-out the Submission form in person when you drop off. Payments will be accepted when artwork is delivered.


$25, or $20 for Artist level OHCA members
for up to two pieces paid at time of drop off
via check, cash or credit card.


  • Friday Oct 13, 10 am – 3 pm
  • Saturday Oct 14, 10 am – 1 pm
  • Sunday Oct 15, Noon – 2 pm
  • Monday Oct 16, 5 pm – 7:30 pm

Pick up times for non selected work:

  • Tuesday Oct 23, 10 am – 1 pm
  • Wednesday Oct 24, 5pm – 7:30 pm
  • Saturday Oct 28, Noon – 2pm

Roundtable Discussion
Tuesday November 7, 4:00 pm

Tuesday November 7, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Pick up unsold works

  • Sunday Dec 10, Noon – 2 pm
  • Monday Dec 11, 10 am – 3 pm


Please note Entry Dates/Times carefully. Late delivery of artwork is not allowed.


By submitting artwork to be considered for any Exhibition, Artist understands and agrees to GALLERY POLICIES shown below. PLEASE NOTE THE DIFFERENT SIZE AND SALES POLICIES UNIQUE TO THIS EXHIBIT – DETAILED ON THE CALL FOR ENTRIES, and BELOW IN SPECIAL POLICIES.


Altered Book/Book Art Shows and Auctions


By submitting artwork to be considered for this Special Exhibition & Auction, Artist understands and agrees to the following:

  • Participants: Open to all artists age 16 and over.
  • Artwork Eligibility: Works previously shown in the O’Hanlon or Loft Galleries (in-person shows) are not eligible for other in-person shows. The same pieces may be considered for an Online show.
  • Artwork Size: Maximum 30″ width by 60″ tall for wall hung pieces, including any frame.
  • Exhibit Curation: For most exhibits, not all artists will have artwork selected for showing. Final artwork selections are up to the Exhibit Juror(s) and/or Installer/curator, both of which vary from show to show.
  • Exhibit Timeline: Accepted work must remain on view for the duration of the exhibition.
  • Liability/Insurance: While all reasonable care is taken with submitted artwork, OHCA strongly recommends that exhibiting artists carry their own insurance. OHCA and representatives will not assume any liability for any damage or loss.
  • Artwork Sales: This is a fundraiser for the Center, but sales also benefit the artists! All works will have a minimum starting bid of $50. First $50 goes to OHCA. All income above the starting bid is split 50/50 with the artist. 
  • Artwork Pricing: All Artwork MUST be for sale for this exhibit.
  • Publicity: By submitting work, artists agree that photographic images and/or video of the artist and/or their artwork, in whole or in part, may be used by OHCA for publicity in various forms including print, online and social media.
  • Newsletter: Artists agree to be added to the O’Hanlon Center Newsletter mailing list, and may unsubscribe at any time.
Postcard for Off the Shelf: Altered Book & Book Art Show + Auction



Donna Seager

Co-owner of one of the most prestigious galleries on the west coast, Seager Gray Gallery

A native of New Orleans, Donna Seager began in the art business in 1978. She was the director of Marlborough Gallery in Boston before moving to California in 1989. She continued to work in galleries in the bay area until 2005 when she opened her own gallery.

Seager has distinguished herself for her discerning eye and commitment to the arts in her community. She has given lectures on the art of the book at international fairs in Miami and San Francisco. In six years, the gallery became a destination for artists and collectors all over the bay area.


Gary Kell

For over 10 years former Chronicle (“Cityscapes”) and Marin IJ (“Marin World”) Cartoonist Gary Kell, inspired by Altered Book Show founder Eleanor Murray, joined Novato’s Marin Museum of Contemporary Art and created memorable pieces to benefit MarinMOCA. Two pieces, the scenes of Heaven diptych “Just Like I Pictured It,” and “Chameleon” nowhang in the Ron Collins Museum in Petaluma.

Kell’s cartoons and large Paintages have won dozens of blue ribbons, Best of Shows and Most Creative awards at the Marin County Fair, and his 10 years as a featured Street Painter of 9’x12′ Rembrandts and Bougereaus raised thousands of dollars for Youth in Arts.

Gary says:

“A book, especially older ones, look dull by themselves, and can use a boost Off The Shelf! Have fun and you may discover that it’s addictive, especially when you’re walking through an art gallery and see some other people admiring, and/or even bidding on, your piece! For me, that’s the feeling that lit a fire under my career as an artist. Good luck and go for it!”

Gary Kell on Instagram