Collaborative Art

July 25 – August 21, 2023

Juried by Joe Brubaker
founder of the Exquisite Gardeners

Poetry by Cruwys Brown

Collaborative arts practice involves artists working closely together, often over extended periods of time, to make art. It harnesses the experiences and skills of each person taking part to give meaning and creative expression to the project.

Collaboration builds comradeship as artists move toward a common goal. Often it results in the transfer of technical skills and knowledge from one artist to another. Two or more people working together create something entirely different than each person working alone. It is a symbiosis that results in a new type of work entirely.


Art: Ann O’Hanlon, Kris Gordon, Margaret McIlroy, and Annie Osborne

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Recording of Online Artist Roundtable

Nature leads us in the shallows

Wave at Odysseus as he sails by *

or create your legacy fixed in time

She sought the abstract and the real

They were more interested in the world between

It’s all in the making you don’t know

“Come see, come see,” I said, “All three!”

Kodama and Tsunami *

They made the best they could – given the situation

What I said I could not hear, but what I saw I felt so deeply

Trust the river *

These faces we must save

It’s not just our world

Welcome to the otherwise

This is what happens when we work together!

O’Hanlon Center for the Arts thanks Joe for his time and selections


Joe Brubaker

Joe Brubaker with works in progress

Joe Brubaker founded the Exquisite Gardeners in 2009. They are a team of curious, hardworking people from all walks of life who cooperate to create transformative art installations from everyday materials. For more information please visit The Exquisite Garden Project website.

Joe’s own work ranges from all-wood simplistic carvings with calm and straightforwardness as an intention, to found-object-assembled sculptures which are purposefully cobbled together bricolage style. The pieces range from 8 to 10 inches tall to massive forms as large as 14 feet.  He meanders back and forth between the two directions and find that the artistic cross-training keeps his hand and eye fresh.

“I come from an “anything goes” perspective of creating and would describe my process as 3-dimensional collage. I also paint, draw and write poetry.

I compare my artistic journey to driving on a winding road I’m familiar with, but at midnight with no headlights on.”

  – Joe Brubaker


ERMA MURPHY – Executive Director


KELLAN CHRISTOPHER – Program layout, Webmaster

    (*except sections 2 and 10 which use poetry found in the art)


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Wendy Aikin & Judy Stabile

Heather Cornelius & Rich Hall

Jennifer Evans & Bette Evans
Jennifer Evans, Elissa Freud, Lanie Gannon, Merrilee Hepler

Florence Gray-Ybarra & Aimée Medina Carr

Judith & Craig Kolb

Jackie La Lanne & Laura Jimenez-Diecks


Leona Lazar & Craig Demmon

Suszi Lurie McFadden & Brandon Stauffer

Daniel Patrick & Patricia McCaron

Maureen Hood & Sean Royal

Shelley & Lane Smolen

The Collab-Lab:
Denise Tarantino, Johnny Botts, Debra Reabock


Will Van Dyke & Pat Gordon

Maternal Mitochondria:
Miriam Sagan & Isabel Winson-Sagan

Suze Woolf & Aldo Daniel Rivera Renteria
Suze Woolf, Janet Stone, and Arisa Brown
Suze Woolf, Eleanor Mathews, and Murray Reiss