In Sight – Photography

May 15 – June 30, 2023

Juried by Shana Lopes, PhD
Assistant Curator of Photography, SFMOMA

Poetry by Suz Lipman


To me, a good photograph is something that is visually arresting, technically strong, and grounded in or motivated by a clear idea.

A powerful photograph makes me think twice; I return to it again and again to think about what the artist is trying to say. Originality and thoughtfulness of approach are especially important to me.

– Shana Lopes


Photo: Barry Taranto

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Beneath layers of time

What we know is erased

Winter bares our secrets

Remember the way the lilacs smelled?

Bobbing in the open breeze?

I face the past and the future head-on

All that sun

Lost in solitude, among many

How will they know we were here?

And that day we spontaneously two-stepped

Heels scuffing on the kitchen floor

What is memory without souvenir?

Ink put down on paper

We only briefly pass through

O’Hanlon Center for the Arts thanks Shana for her time and selections


Shana Lopes, PhD
Assistant Curator of Photography, SFMOMA

Headshot of Shana Lopes, Phd

Shana Lopes, PhD, is an Assistant Curator of Photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. She has organized exhibitions on cyanotypes, the 1906 earthquake, Atget, Wright Morris, and Eikoh Hosoe. She is the co-curator of Constellations: Photographs in Dialogue, which pairs recent acquisitions with existing work from the collection, and A Living for Us All: Artists and the WPA. Most recently, she organized Sightlines: Photographs from the Collection, on view now.

Over the past fifteen years, she has gained curatorial experience at the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, Arizona, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.   



ERMA MURPHY – Executive Director


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Julie Alland
San Francisco, CA

Norman Aragones
San Jose, CA

Jacquelyn Blackstone
Albuquerque, NM

Jan Blythe
Lafayette, CA

Mima Cataldo
Petaluma, CA

Gideon Cohn
La Quinta, CA

Al Crane
Grants Pass, OR

Thomas Crawford
Brooklyn, NY

John Diephouse
Lansing, MI

Sasha Dorje-Meyerowitz
Brooklyn, NY

Dorothy Feldman
Bronx, NY

Paul Ford
Sonoma, CA

Norman Gabitzsch
Houston, TX

Malcolm Glass
Clarksville, TN

Mike Goldberg
Larkspur, CA

Noah Gottesman
San Anselmo, CA

Elizabeth Graham
Mill Valley, CA

Grace Gubbins
Bolinas, CA

Dave Hanson
Price, UT

Gregory Hom
San Diego, CA

Don Jacobson
Portland, OR

Nan Joy
Seattle, WA

Ken Konchel
St. Louis, MO

Dan Krimm
San Rafael, CA

JJ L’Heureux
Marina Del Rey, CA

Suz Lipman
Mill Valley, CA

Margo MacArthur
San Anselmo, CA

Zach Pardos
Oakland, CA

Julia Paul
Blacksburg, VA

Joseph Podlesnik
Phoenix, AZ

Ellen Roebuck
Los Angeles, CA

Brian Row
San Marcos, TX

Karina Safer
Playa del Rey, CA

Mara Schantz
Phoenix, AZ

Morgan Seeley
Quilcene, WA

Katie Shapiro
Pasadena, CA

Candace Swimmer
Mill Valley, CA

Beatrice Thornton
Oakland, CA

John Tronsor
Pittsburgh, PA

Rusty Weston
San Francisco, CA

Sherry Williamson
Mill Valley, CA

Andrew Wohl
Bethesda, MD

Wilbur Wong
Richmond, CA

Huahan Zhang
Long Island City, NY