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Image (detail): Bob Hemstock

juried by Obi Kaufmann
with poetry by Linda Martinez Robertson

March 20 to April 30, 2023

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What once was here is not

We do not stand alone

And who should care?

This is what is left

Hope is planted with every seed

Spring is a secret the hills cannot keep

There is beauty in every ruin

This morning I believe

Nothing has been lost

In the hour’s parched loosening

I find you

What survives such a season

It is our world, and theirs

Affirmations Against the Negatives

I will not be hapless

or without thoughts enough

or sleep so far

am ever-lost

a mere ground gazer

or pass without pause

a wary rose in October

or defect into regret’s chasm

that always, this never

Many thanks to Obi Kaufmann for his time and selections



Obi Kaufmann

In the award winning and best-selling field atlases of Obi Kaufmann, science and art blend to illuminate the multifaceted array of California’s natural world, forming a uniquely elemental narrative based on the shaping forces of earth, air, fire, and water, connecting systems like no other series of books has done before.

In his artful yet analytical books, Obi Kaufmann explores the transformation of California’s resource landscape from its ancient origins through its modern challenges to its future possibilities. In his lively presentations which feature paintings, hand-drawn maps, and other data, Obi presents the story of how we learn from the deep past to uncover the truth about all possible futures. Through the parsing of what he calls Ecological Philosophy, Obi employs literature and poetry, the history of the physical sciences, and indigenous-traditional ecological knowledge to present the rhetorical and epistemological theories of Consilience (the marriage of science and art), Aesthetics (the transmission of meaning through media), and Complexity (the functional description of emergent phenomena).



Linda Martinez Robertson

Linda M Robertson has lived in Washington State for over 34 years. She fulfilled a lifelong dream by earning a MFA from Chatham University, Pittsburgh at age 60. Her writing is infused with a deep sense of place and love of the natural world.

In 2014, the Methow Conservancy published her poems “Letters to Julia: 1898-1899, The Methow Valley,” in a fine press book.

Recent work considers the losses of her 20-year-old son, Evan, in the mountains of British Columbia and her brother, Tommy, to early brain disease. Her poems also celebrate her years living in the North Cascades and on the shores of the Salish Sea. She is particularly interested in collaborating with artists and writing poems inspired by visual art. In April and May 2022, an exhibit, “Some Mornings,” in Port Townsend, WA featured 16 of Linda’s poems and artist Meg Kaczyk’s painted responses.

A recent project was an collaborative exhibit at O’Hanlon Center for the Arts with Cayen Robertson that included a book of poems, “what do I know of joy” written in response to Cayen’s art.

It is Linda’s hope that her work connects readers to the wonders, both small and vast, that we live among.


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