Art: Glenda Gentry. Design: Jeremy Thornton

Extended to April 9, 2022

Poetry by Cruwys Brown



How expressive can artists be utilizing a single base hue but employing as many of its shades, tones and tints as they require?

Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue and extended using its shades, tones and tints. Explore how 47 artists in this international online exhibition made one hue convey their vision.

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My eyes see all in shades, tones and tints

But my dreams are in monochrome

Where do I feel safer?

In the center or on the edge

Someone invented color field.    Tell me who, and why

Dusk showed me how to appreciate the dark

In silence, sky and sea were as one

With one crayon, the child created a world

Many thanks to Suzanne Gray of Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley CA for her time and selections.
Her keen eye and artistic sensibilities have resulted in a remarkable show.



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Erma Murphy. Kellan Christopher
Curated by Jeremy Thornton

Thanks to the OHCA Exhibition Committee



John Affolter

Chris Anthony

Daiva Bergman Harris

Carol Bivins

Tom Bolles

Barbara Brundage

Bryce Culverhouse

Carol Dalton

Rachel Davis

Rick Delanty

Beth Fein

Pennie Fien

Karen Folgner

Viktoria Ford

Jan Fordyce

Deb Frederick

Susan Guasp

Rose Guastella

Jack Gunter


Catherine Gutsche

Stephanie Hargrave

Fiona Howarth


Scott Idleman

Terry Johnson

Elisabeth Koss


Stephanie Leonard

Claudia Marchini

Rachel Maxi

Linda McCune

Reenie McMains

Paul Messink

Robin Mills

Marjorie Moskowitz


Michael Mudd


Samuel Noily


Molly O’Mara


Vitalii Panasiuk


Debbie Patrick


Paula Pink


Paul Ransohoff


Sandra Rubin


Maribeth Sands
IG: msandsatb


Maryann Steinert-Foley


Paula Sugarman


Matthew Felix Sun


Aphrodite Vairaktaris


Maude Wallace Haeger