So Real–Surreal


Art: Paulette Traverso

November 11, 2021 to January 20, 2022

Juried by Michael Yochum

Poetry by Cruwys Brown


It appears we are living in surrealistic times. The Surrealist Manifesto of André Breton was published almost 100 years ago, and the Dadaists were turning the world upside down to see how it looked. Now it is time to express a 2.0 version that speaks to our world of post fact, post rational, and multiple “realities.” The artists in this show share their dreams, hallucinations, fanciful imaginings, and unconscious through their uniquely “distorted” and “bizarre” lens.

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At dusk the dirt and details of the day recede

Through that darkening the dream life flowers

When one can welcome mystery and its troublesome beauty

When the mind opens to what the eyes did not see

The deafening silence of darkness

I feel my way along the untrammeled trail

Where my feet become my mind’s eyes

I experience images I had not known

Images that speak with unnerving sound

Have you been here before?

Sincere thanks to our juror Michael Yochum



Michael Yochum is a founding partner of Arc. While working as a financial consultant, he volunteered with ArtSpan, the largest artist-member organization in Northern California and producers of San Francisco Open Studios. He was the Chairman of that organization from 2009-2010. Since founding Arc in late 2009, he has worked with many individual collections and corporations, helping them to connect with local artists.

Michael studied art history at Middlebury College and ICU (Tokyo); and, he studied Japanese Art History in the graduate program at Columbia University. He and his wife, Priscilla Otani (also a partner at Arc and a working artist) are avid art collectors with a significant emphasis on collecting local San Francisco Bay Area art.


Erma Murphy
Curated by Jeremy Thornton
Poetry by Cruwys Brown

Kellan Christopher
Dan Cassidy



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Patti Akesson

Nima Arabi

Jenny Balisle

Peter Bartczak

Jim Bellisle

Aaron Belman

Michael Bird

William Charuhas

Lynden Cline

Claudia Cohen

Morgan Conolly

John Diephouse

Natasha Dikareva

Clare Dygert

Suzanne Eller

Benjamin Fink

Tom Gehrig

Gale Gibbs

Erica Hart

Kelia Ideishi

Phyllis Anne Jenkins

Clayton John

Dana Kelly

Eric Kelly

Debbie Korbel

Suzanne Lopez

Valerie Mendoza

Lena Meszaros

Lawrence Montgomery

C. B. Murphy

Angela Petruncio

Judith Proller

Arnaud Quercy

Paul Ransohoff

James Richards

Matthew Schellenberg

Roberta Schofield

Marcie Serber

Patricia Shaw

Zahava Sherez

Mel Sokolow

Lev L Spiro

Bill Stoneham

Mark Symczak

Tanya Tewell

Karen Theisen

Paulette Traverso

Stephanie Vlahov

Irene Yesley

Lisa Yount

Elzbieta Zdunek

Bing Zhang

Man Zhu