Art: Michael Mudd. Design: Jeremy Thornton

O’Hanlon Gallery Hours

This show will be exhibited at O’Hanlon Center for the Arts Gallery,
616 Throckmorton Ave., Mill Valley, CA 94941

The O’Hanlon Gallery will be open by appointment only:
Thursdays, 1–3, Fridays 5–7 and Saturdays from 10am to noon

Be aware that visiting hours may change based on county or state restrictions.

Please check the O’Hanlon Website for the most current updates.


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When one looks at art one can become deeply immersed into works that engender contemplation. The artist captures a deep moment of reflection or meditative state. It isn’t about a knowing or concept but a feeling of now, of just this – a moment to reflect on. It is contemplative, not confrontational. Its impact is residual. What do you create in those moments of reflection?

Emebet Korn is the owner and curator of Desta Contemporary Fine Art Gallery and Art Consulting Services in Mill Valley. Korn’s focus has primarily been on contemporary art by emerging and established artists. Desta Gallery strives to connect collectors, artists, and communities in an atmosphere that inspires creativity and reflection. The gallery also has an online presence and supports clients nationwide and worldwide. Desta Gallery believes in making contemporary art accessible to a large population by presenting artwork with a range of styles, prices, and offering interest-free financing.

Born in Ethiopia, Korn moved to the Bay Area to attend college, studying fashion design and art and eventually launching her own line of high end women’s apparel. She’s also served as a design consultant over the years and ran her own nonprofit before opening an art and tea gallery, before eventually focusing just on the art itself.