Annual Members’ Show 2021

Show postcard image: Dan Cassidy


Poetry: Cruwys Brown

Opening December, 2020



O’Hanlon Center for the Arts honors the creativity of our members each year with an inclusive membership show.

Everyone who wanted to be included chose a piece to be displayed. This is a celebration of expression. Explore the works of over 100 diverse artists who collectively find an artistic home at OHCA.

We dedicate this show to Carolyn Planakis, a long time member and facilitator, who passed away this year. One of her works is included in the show.

1. Take my hand and lead me home

2. You wonder who we are?  We are multitudes

3. I tell you it’s time to conjure up what’s honest and real

4. Remember when?

5. It was desire that carried them to the boundary’s edge

6. We can only hope, they muttered in that long line

7. Then burst into plain song

8. Are you in my pod?

9. Basho stood transfixed at the temple door

10. When I turned, this is what happened

11. The old monk let the hammer strike the great bell yet once again

12. The cadence swelled with mystery

13. The strong man wept loudly into the darkness

14. We have made a long journey towards now . . .

15. Expect the best my friend . . . but wait

16. Thank heavens for soft light to clear the air

17. As dusk darkens, we must head for shore

Happy & Healthy New Year! Stay Creative!



Your purchase of works for sale support both the Artist
and O’Hanlon Center for the Arts!
Please email if you would like to make a purchase. We will connect you with the artist and help make arrangements.


Ellen Mattesi, Erma Murphy
Curated by Jeremy Thornton

Dan Cassidy
OHCA Exhibition Committee



Abby Wasserman

Alexandra Bailliere

Ann Artz

Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin

Ann Dodge

Anne-Marie De Rivera

Ayelet Gal-on

Barbara Leitzel

Barry Toranto

Bette Trono

Beverly Anderson

Bob Hemstock

Bonnie Raphael

Bonnie Himberg

Brett Hopper

Candace Swimmer

Candis Cousins

Carolyn Planakis

Carrie Sherriff

Cayen Robertson

Charlene Steen

Chuck Beisch

Corinne Landphere

Cruwys Brown

Cynthia Darling

Dan Krimm

Dan Cassidy

Dana Kelly

Daniel Patrick

David Barry

Debby Dernberger

Diane Goldstein

DJ  Leland

Elaine McCreight

Elise Odom

Elizabeth Addison






Emily Dvorin

Erma Murphy

George Tomberlin

Glenda Gentry

Irene Belknap

Ruth Gendler

Jackie La Lanne

Jan Buscho

Janet Greenwood

Jay Oneil

Jenny Lawler

Jeremy Thornton

Joyce Feeney

Judith Williams

Judy Geiger

Julia Ross

Julie McGuinness

Karen Romani

Karen Feuer- Schwager

Karen Rothman

Karen Folgner

Katie Haas

Kelsey Woodward

Kirby Hutson

Kris Malone Grossman (with Ivan Uranga)

Kris Gordon

Kristine McCallister

Kurt Stubbins

Larry Seidman

Lauren  Kalita

Leonardo Nino

Linda Maki

Linda Wong

Linda Wegmann

Lindsay Hirsch

Lori Rhodes

Lynda Hirose

Malcolm Baker





Marilyn Mazer

Marilyn Geary

Marilyn Waldman

Mary Lavezzo

Michael Mudd

Micki Brown

Mima Cataldo

Natascha Fraser

Nelson Hee

Oscar Lopez

Pat McCaron

Paula Valenzuela

Paulette Traverso

Peggy Davis

Peller Marion

Pennie Fien

Phyllis Jenkins

Potter Wickware

Rebecca Katz

Rhonda Dubin

Rita Gardner

Sally Robert

Samuel Noily

Sandra Murray

Sherrie Lovler

Stacy Phillips


Suz Lipman

Suzanne Engelberg

Tina Fossella

Tom Zizzo

Vicki Block

Vickisa Feinberg

Wilbur Wong

Woodward Payne

Yvette Drury Dubinsky