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2020 has been one of existential threat and uncertainty.  We are in the middle of political polarization, racial reckonings and climate catastrophes.  A critical election mixed with isolation, pandemic and economic instability are reasonable cause for panic*.

How do you express the feeling and narratives of alarm and anxiety in your work?

Panic as art can be immediate, problem solving, brain storming, and creative.

Sometimes being out of ones’ depth and going to places you have never been before, especially if not by choice, can motive new action and create new imaginings and possibilities.

*Panic is a sudden sensation of fear, which is so strong as to dominate or prevent reason and logical thinking, replacing it with overwhelming feelings of anxiety and frantic agitation consistent with an animalistic fight-or-flight reaction.




Chester Arnold is a San Francisco Bay Area oil painter whose works explore contemporary landscapes. Each of his naturalistic paintings is a scene in the narrative, a juxtaposition of nature and the human presence. Arnold embraces the craft of painting, but eschews traditional, romantic portrayals of the natural environment. He chooses instead to depict the landscape as we encounter it, warts and all. He leads us on an odyssey through entropic litterscapes and canyons carved by excavators and probed by prospectors. He guides us along rivers of asphalt and over mountains of tires, showing us nature’s struggle in the midst of growing human consumption and waste. And he provides glimpses of nature’s resilience, as frogs emerge from the cracked pavement and trees rise above itinerant scatters of trash. Arnold supplies us with a birds-eye view of these scenes, inviting us to transcend the tainted landscape and to restore its natural state.

Many Bay Area Artists have had the pleasure of taking Chester’s drawing or painting classes  at Collage of Marin, Sonoma State or the SF Art Institute.




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Art: Chester Arnold. Design: Jeremy Thornton