O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, Golden Hour, October 5 Show, 2020


Dates:  Show Opens October 5, Roundtable Oct 6, 4pm


Submissions open now, closing Sept 25 at midnight. ENTER HERE








Artists talk about the golden hour as a special warm light found just after sunrise and right before sunset when there is a certain magical glow. This liminal time is momentary and captures our attention and imagination.


Writers speak of the golden hour metaphorically as a transition time, time for contemplation and reflection. It can be an ideal moment, a time of special meaning, or enveloping warmth.


In intimate settings and outdoors this moment causes one to hold one’s breath viewing the beauty and reflecting on the serenity and solitude the golden hour brings.


We’d like to invite you to share with what the “golden hour” means in your work.




JUROR: Kim Eagles-Smith of Kim Eagle-Smith Gallery in Mill Valley


Kim Eagles-Smith:
For over thirty years Gallery Director, Kim Eagles-Smith, has been a recognized Fine Art Dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Launching a new location in 2019, the gallery has expanded its focus on Contemporary and Modernist art


In addition to representing established fine artist’s from across the country, the gallery actively buys & sells artwork from the secondary art market with an emphasis on the San Francisco Bay Area Figurative Movement, American Modernism and Abstract Expressionism.


Kim Eagles-Smith Gallery, formerly Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery, is a longstanding member in the San Francisco Art Dealers Association. 













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You may upload up to 3 pieces of artwork for consideration into this juried show.


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O’Hanlon Center for the Arts (OHCA) Gallery Policies and Guidelines


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Participants / Submissions:
Open to all artists age 16 and over
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Artwork Sales:
Buyers will pay Artist directly for any art sales.
Artist agrees to contact OHCA of this sale, and make a donation to OHCA of 30% of the sale price, on all sales of artwork within the first 60 days of the exhibition. This includes all artwork exhibited in an OHCA Gallery, in an online OHCA website gallery, and facilitated by OHCA. Donations to OHCA are tax-deductible to the extent permissible by law.


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Postcard Art: Woodward Payne. Postcard Design: Jeremy Thornton