Art: Dan Cassidy.  Design: Jeremy Thornton

Exhibition Opens:
Monday: May 4, 2020

Artist Roundtable Discussion
Tuesday, May 5: 4 – 5:30 pm

Show Program
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Artists throughout time have responded to their world with a visual understanding that speaks to our collective feelings and emotions. Art has the capacity to go deeper and touch us in ways that news reports and charts cannot. This show represents how the current extreme, frightening, life-altering crisis is manifesting in our artists’ work created between March 1 and April 20, 2020.


ONE      Without the moon, I stumble homeward



TWO      The old man looked up, saying, “Not all that radiates is kind”


THREE      I eat alone tonight thinking of my frayed world, desperate for order



FOUR     Laying down his bag, the beggar stood at the gate



FIVE   Colors defy the decreed isolation



SIX      (I’m thinking about suffering)



SEVEN      Earth celebrates its break from combustion



EIGHT      I had a dream tonight and you came with me. We danced and sang. I was no longer alone at the window.




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and O’Hanlon Center for the Arts!
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Ellen Mattesi, Erma Murphy, Jeremy Thornton, Cruwys Brown, Kellan Christopher



A to D

Alexandra Bailliere

Alice Stern

Alicia van de Bor

Ann Dodge

Arlene Wohl

Austin Buckingham

Barbara McLain

Barbara Sapienza

Bebe Kuhr

Beth McCoy

Betsy Kellas

Candace Swimmer

Cathy Simes

Cayen Robertson

Chris Hurwitz

Christa Grenawalt

Christie Crapeticio

Dan Cassidy

Dan Krimm

Dana Kelly

Daniel Patrick

Deborah Andrews

Diana Gay-Catania

Diane Goldstein

E to J

Elizabeth Caroli

Elizabeth Addison

Ellen Coffey

Eric Newton

Frank Bevans

George Tomberlin 

Glenda Gentry 

Heather Roberson

Hedy Herrera

Jackie La Lanne

Jan Buscho

Janet Greenwood

Jay O’Neil

Jean Warren

Jeremy Thornton

Jonathan Rutchik

Judith Williams

Julie McGuinness 

K to N

Kate Orrange 

Katharin Holland 

Kathryn Yost Saturay 

Kayla Keller 

Kim Nash 

Kimberley Elliott 

Kris Gordon 

Kristine McCallister

Linda Wong 

Lisa Yount 

Louise Victor 

Marilyn Geary 

Mary Lou Dauray 

Michael Mudd 

Michelle Bowen 

Naomi Kubota Lee 

Naomi Tamura 

P to Z

Pastel Schway

Pat Meier-Johnson 

Paulette Traverso 

Peller Marion 

Poem Schway 

Prartho Sereno 

Rebecca Hutchins

Rich Fowler 

Rita Gardner

Rita Kelly 

Robyn Gallick 

Russell Aguilar 

Shamy Noily 


Susan Kirshenbaum 

Suz Lipman 

Tachina Rudman-Young 

Tina Fossella

Tom Zizzo

Zona Sage