O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, April 5, 2020















Humankind in Crisis – Artists Respond to the COVID Pandemic




O’Hanlon Center’s First Online Gallery Show.




Show goes live May 4, 2020




Registration has now ended.


  • Deadline to upload image April 25 midnight.  
  • All who register will receive an email with instructions on how to upload their image on April 20.










Artists throughout time have responded to their world with a visual understanding that speaks to our collective feelings and emotions.  Art has the capacity to go deeper and touch us in ways that news reports and charts cannot.




We want to share how the current extreme, frightening, life-altering crisis is manifest in your work.  We are looking for a work of art you have created between March 1 and April 20.




We will display an art image from everyone who submits to our “Humankind in Crisis” show on an online O’Hanlon website gallery.  Please submit just one piece. This show will stay up indefinitely.  Share it widely.




We plan to host an online discussion, our traditional Roundtable, for artists to expand on and share with others their submission on the First Tuesday in May, May 5.




This is a brave new world and we what to show on our first online gallery show what that looks like to OHCA supporters and artists! 




Thank you for your work and support.




– Ellen and Erma




Please contact Ellen Mattesi via email or 415-388-4331 with any questions.











Exhibition Opens:
Monday: May 4, 2020




Artist Roundtable Discussion
Tuesday, May 5: 4 – 5:30 pm




Please Note Entry Dates carefully.
Late delivery of artwork is not allowed.











  • Postcard Art: Dan Cassidy | Design: Jeremy Thornton