Photo of entrance to O'Hanlon Center parking lot.

Finding O’Hanlon Center can be a slight challenge the first time you visit… but once you arrive here, you’ll hopefully appreciate the ‘off the beaten path’ feeling!  (Scroll down for Navigation Suggestions & Parking Info.)

Address: 616 Throckmorton Ave, Mill Valley CA 94941
Phone: (415) 388-4331
Office Hours:  Mon-Fri 11 am – 4 pm. (Hours may vary from time to time)

Photo of Street Sign: O'Hanlon Center for the Arts

Suggestions & Landmarks:

  • On your first visit…we recommend using mapping software on a smartphone, if available.
  • We are 1 mile out of downtown Mill Valley, heading North-Northwest up Throckmorton Ave, towards Mt Tam.
  • We are exactly 1/2 mile past the Mill Valley Library. (There is a traffic circle just prior to the Library.)
  • O’Hanlon is in a residential neighborhood, so it’s easy to think you’ve missed us!
  • There is a small sign and parking area on the right hand side, just at a bend in the road.


  • There are limited parking spaces on-site, only about 6-7 spaces in our parking lot at the entrance.
  • On-street parking is allowed; Please be sure not to block neighbor’s driveways, sidewalks, or other entrances. We depend on maintaining good relations with our Neighbors! An 11 foot clearance in road is required for emergency vehicles.
  • We strongly encourage car-pooling when coming for larger events. 
  • Handicapped parking is limited; there is 1 Handicap designated space up the hill near our Loft building. If you have accessibility challenges, we recommend calling ahead so we may assist you or offer specific directions. (415) 388-4331