DUALITIES – March 2019 (Call for Entries)

We invite artists to submit works that feature some aspect of DUALITY as a primary theme or focus. Dualities are an instance of opposition, contrast or other relationships between two concepts. Dualities can be experienced everywhere: light–dark, stillness–movement, plus–minus, hot–cold, rough–smooth. They can also be seen in mirrored reflections, or pairings of mates, couples or twins. Will you focus on the contrast between the two aspects, or reveal some unifying connection between the duo? 

Journeys – Feb 2019 (Call for Entries)

Travel leads us to have uncommon experiences; as we step out of our comfort zones, we often see the world with fresh eyes and a sense of wonder. We invite artists to submit work for our next exhibit “JOURNEYS.” Submitted work should relate to some aspect of travel, adventures, or journeys taken – real or imagined. Witness Gauguin’s adventures in French Polynesia, or Van Gogh’s travels to the south of France.

Members’ Show 2019 (Call for Entries)

Our Members’ Show this year will have a bit of a twist… we’re calling it a“Salon des Refusés”…which essentially means pieces that have been ‘refused’ from other exhibits! This is an opportunity to show your favorite piece which just didn’t catch the eye of some particular juror but you feel should be seen.

Return to Light: Art of the Spirit – Dec 2018 (Call for Entries)

We’re continuing our annual tradition of celebrating Art of the Spirit in December at O’Hanlon, and we invite artists to submit work for our next exhibit subtitled “RETURN TO LIGHT.” Submitted work should relate to some aspect of LIGHT. We encourage artists to express from their own personal experience of spirit & light in their lives.